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Chording Technology Solutions

Powerful. Simple. Inexpensive.

The Technology

Technology solutions simplify and accelerate development of next-generation chording capabilities in new and evolving products. Solutions enable DAWs, sound library content, software instruments, controllers, keyboards, and drum machines to manipulate chords and harmony as freely as notes and beats. Multiple solutions stem from extensive research and development focused on musical harmony.

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Solutions Enable Processing of Chords and Harmony as Musical Data

A proprietary fusion of discrete mathematics and music theory yields a novel method to reduce trillions of possible note combinations to a small number of musical values which are easily read and processed by people and devices. All possible voicings and part expressions, of all existing chords (with up to ten parts), are reduced to concise musical data which is encoded and decoded through efficient algorithms. This extreme reduction in the combinatorial complexity of musical harmony underlies technology solutions which open the door to a new generation of music creation possibilities, processes, and products.


Chording Data Enables Exchange and Manipulation of Harmony for Millions of People

Any sequence of chords, voicings, and part expressions may now be conveyed as musical chording data. A simple new data structure facilitates MIDI-compatible transmission, storage, and editing of complex chords and harmony in digital systems. The introduction of chording data to the music creation ecosystem unlocks new opportunities for product and creative-process innovation. Chord progressions and caches are created and shared among people of all musical abilities as content data which is personalized through manipulation of changes, voicings, part expressions, keys and tempos. Harmony flows as chording data in machine learning, algorithmic composition, and music information retrieval systems.

Chording Interfaces Democratize Production of Chords and Harmony

Novel UIs enable anyone to produce sophisticated chords and harmony on computer, mobile, and dedicated hardware platforms–without musical training. Interface solutions integrate simple controls with real-time encoding algorithms to produce chording data from user interactions. New chording paradigms advance musical discovery through happy accidents, natural voice leading, and playing by ear.

Chording Engines Render Complex Note Expressions from Simple Chording Data

Specialized data processing engines enable comprehensive chording capabilities within apps and devices. Chording engines integrate real-time decoding algorithms with multi-instrument controls to express chord parts from sound generators via MIDI note data. Multi-instrument groups may be created, exchanged, and played as sectional sounds such as horns, strings, woodwinds, brass, or synth and sampler combinations–with each individual instrument part voiced in its optimal pitch range.

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