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Chording Technology Solutions

Powerful. Simple. Inexpensive.

Product Opportunities

Chording data revolutionizes music creation by enabling millions of people and devices to communicate in the language of musical harmony. It's concise, readable by people and devices, and MIDI compatible. Chording data integrates with existing product platforms and know-how to democratize production of chords and harmony. It paves the way for music makers to collaborate and create with harmony using simple inexpensive tools which bypass the need for guitar, keyboard, or music theory skills. Chording interfaces and chording engines enable digital products to generate and process chording data. Enabled products empower users to discover, voice, express, share, and modify chord progressions as freely as melodies, basslines, and beats. Chording technology drives expansion of the music creation ecosystem by lowering barriers to entry for newcomers and providing infrastructure for all to collaborate and explore new harmonic possibilities.

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DAW apps on computer, web, and mobile platforms record, download, edit, play, and share chording data via tracks, clips, and chording caches. DAWs implement chording interfaces and chording utilities to play or enter chord progressions as song structures and instrument parts. DAWs implement chording engines to host software instruments which produce sounds from live or sequenced chording data.


Sound library content utilizes chording data to deliver voiced chord progressions, with part expressions, for users to modify, personalize and build on. Curated collections of chording sequences, chording caches, and multi-instrument groups inspire creators with new, borrowed, and recycled harmonic arrangements.


Software instruments employ chording engines to produce sounds from live or sequenced chording data. Curated multi-instrument groups produce multi-timbral voicings such as horn or string sections and combinations of diverse synths–with independent sounds and expressions for individual chord parts.


Chording controllers apply user-centered chording interfaces to produce chording data from common app and device platforms: point-and-click computer, multi-touch mobile, and tactile hardware.


Keyboards and drum machines implement chording interface, chording data and chording engine solutions so users can play and manipulate curated chording caches with keys or pads.

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