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Chording Technology Solutions

Powerful. Simple. Inexpensive.

Music Creation Roadmap

Chords are essential musical ingredients for inspiring, shaping, and conveying songs, scores, musicals, symphonies, and more. Chord sounds evoke emotions independently from the timbre of instruments which voice them. Technology has democratized processes for manipulating timbral qualities of musical sounds, but not chordal qualities–until now. Chording Technology democratizes harmonic processes so product developers and millions of their users have the power to work with chords as units of music, without getting bogged down in theory and micromanagement of individual notes.


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Create with a Full Palette of All Possible Chords

Chording Technology addresses all possible combinations of notes as chords. Chords are manipulated as basic units and assembled as building blocks of harmony. Any combination of notes from any style of music may be processed as chording data which is free from missing chords or harmonic limitations.


Voice and Express Chords with Unlimited Freedom

Chording interfaces elicit all possible voicings and part expressions from chords while fostering harmonic continuity from chord to chord. Chording engines enable chord voicing through independent parts which express freely in any order and combination via live playing, arpeggiations and sequences.

New Sources of Inspiration

Music creation often begins with chords. Products enabled with chording technology empower people to play all possible chords and voicings by ear–without guitars, keyboards, or theory. Enabled products inspire creativity by opening avenues to new sounds and increasing chances for musical happy accidents.


New Capabilities for Music Creation Products

Chromatic chorders give anyone the ability to voice and express any possible chord or progression with ease. Cache chorders make it easy to play and arrange chords on keys or pads–voicing with one hand and expressing parts with the other. Enabled DAWs record and edit chording data on multiple chording tracks as song structures, multi-instrument arrangements, synth pads, compings, and chordal riffs or basslines.


New Products Unleash New Sounds

Enabled products morph and express pitches through chord changes and microtunings to bend harmony through time. Chording engines spawn new multi-instrument group sounds from combinations of synths and samplers voicing independent chord parts. Cloud sound libraries expand to host a limitless supply of original and recycled chord progressions, curated chording caches, and multi-instrument groups.

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