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Chording Technology Solutions

Powerful. Simple. Inexpensive.


We have developed breakthrough technology for processing musical harmony in digital systems. Chording technology reduces overwhelming complexities of chords and harmony to concise digital information which is easily created, recorded, edited, and exchanged via software applications and devices. This enabling technology brings powerful new chording capabilities to products which inspire and democratize creation of musical harmony–without a need for guitars, keyboards, or music theory.



The Technology

Technology solutions simplify and accelerate development of next-generation chording capabilities in new and evolving products. Solutions enable DAWs, sound library content, software instruments, controllers, keyboards, and drum machines to manipulate chords and harmony as freely as notes and beats. Multiple solutions stem from extensive research and development focused on musical harmony.



Product Opportunities

Chording data revolutionizes music creation by enabling millions of people and devices to communicate in the language of musical harmony. It's concise, readable by people and devices, and MIDI compatible. Chording data integrates with existing product platforms and know-how to democratize production of chords and harmony. It paves the way for music makers to collaborate and create with harmony using simple inexpensive tools which bypass the need for guitar, keyboard, or music theory skills. Chording interfaces and chording engines enable digital products to generate and process chording data. Enabled products empower users to discover, voice, express, share, and modify chord progressions as freely as melodies, basslines, and beats. Chording technology drives expansion of the music creation ecosystem by lowering barriers to entry for newcomers and providing infrastructure for all to collaborate and explore new harmonic possibilities.



Music Creation Roadmap

Chords are essential musical ingredients for inspiring, shaping, and conveying songs, scores, musicals, symphonies, and more. Chord sounds evoke emotions independently from the timbre of instruments which voice them. Technology has democratized processes for manipulating timbral qualities of musical sounds, but not chordal qualities–until now. Chording Technology democratizes harmonic processes so product developers and millions of their users have the power to work with chords as units of music, without getting bogged down in theory and micromanagement of individual notes.


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