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Chording Technology for Music Creation


Our mission

is to facilitate development of DAWs, software instruments, sound and loop libraries, keyboards, drum machines, and MIDI controllers so that everyone can create with chords and harmony as easily as with notes and beats.


Since the introduction of MIDI and digital audio, a global product ecosystem has evolved and democratized most aspects of music creation. The democratization of chording is now achievable with the next generation of innovative products.


Our technology

provides the infrastructure for apps and devices to process chords as basic units of music–like notes and beats. We make it easy and inexpensive for developers to incorporate powerful chording capabilities into products which will be used by everyone from bedroom songwriters and beatmakers to professional composers and producers.


We enable chording that goes beyond the limits of guitars and keyboards while bypassing the need for product developers and their users to master music theory and traditional chording instruments.


Powerful. Simple. Inexpensive.

The Chording Project website is a resource for engineers, designers, researchers, product managers, and executives to access information, insight, and technology related to music creation with chords and harmony.

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